Happiness in the workplace seminar

Happiness in the Workplace Seminar

If you are happy, people around you are happy.


In the workplace that means better communication with your team, which translates into higher productivity, less stress, more resilience and less absenteeism. 

On a personal level, increasing your positive emotions can bring stronger relationships, more peace and more control of your emotions.

Studies show that positive wellbeing at work —the place where we spend the majority of our waking hours— has the capability of increasing our creativity and our productivity by 40%.


Happy workers are 50% less likely to suffer from cardiac illnesses and studies show that we can learn to focus on the positive by simple gratitude exercises, that can make us 25% happier.


Our brain has the capability to make us happier and it can decrease effects of depression. Overall, happiness is a learned skill that we can master just like learning a sport.


Daniela Pittman, (MLA in Psychology, Harvard University) imparts to businesses the "Happiness in the Workplace" seminar where she covers the following topics:

The Ego

  • And its effects at Work

Communications & connections

  • The importance of active listening and body language

Compassion & empathy

  • Noticing that we rarely work alone


  • The ability to quickly recover from frustration and failures


  • Taking our ethical values to work


  • Incorporate into your daily work tasks that will bring you closer to your personal goals

By the end of this seminar, you should be able to:

  • Recognize the main obstacles that get in the way to achieve happiness: such as ego, lack of compassion and empathy, communication problems, conflict of values and interests, etc.
  • Acknowledge the importance of non verbal communication and the importance of body language for better communication skills.
  • Change the concept of working hard for something that you don't care about and often refer to as stress into something that you love and can refer to as PASSION.
  • Discover the 3 different types of happiness through flow and learn how to substitute multitasking for mindfulness.
  • Master the simple techniques to conquer stress and rumination and learn to turn "burnout" into a positive motivator through meditation.
  • Find PURPOSE in your work: learn to feel like what you do really matters; CONNECT with your organization's mission and learn how to contribute to the world.


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