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I had the privilege to attend a yoga and meditation retreat organized and taught by David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner. The setting was the Tramontana mountains of Palma de Mallorca and the place the exquisite and vibrant La Serranía property.


I first knew of David by coming across his inspiring music, specifically his song “In the Light of My Soul”. It did not take me long to learn more about his music and his yoga practice. David’s professional accomplishments are well covered by the internet.


I booked early two spots of his Fall retreat in Mallorca and treated my husband into what turned out to be a valuable healing and fortifying marital experience that I planned to coincide with our 15th year wedding anniversary. Both David and his wife Mirjam opened their hearts and wisdom to us as well as to the rest of the 10 participants that joined us in the retreat. We also had the chance to share this memorable experience with David’s parents, Celine and Michael, who flew in from Asheville, North Carolina and delighted us during the moments we shared together at lunch and dinner at La Serranía with their family stories that are worth filling the pages of a best selling novel.


Having observed David’s interaction with his guests at the retreat and with his loved ones, I became inspired to ask him for an interview. He had shared with us his passion and joy for yoga, for music and for his wife and parents.


Embracing a Spanish guitar and lightly strumming its strings, David granted me this opportunity to which he addressed my questions in a paused manner in order to—using his own words— “answer from my heart rather than from my thinking”.


Full disclosure: We sat together with his parents following a wonderful dinner and not only did Celine and Michael join with their voices to his playing and singing of Paul Simon’s “Homeward Bound”, but Celine cordially would add her own comments to the interview in a tone that would set us off with laughter.

“And one would think that you are almost smart,” I heard her say following a profound response from David.

To my asking of what was his interpretation of happiness, David responded:


“Happiness to me is more of a relationship of how life is going for you now, rather than a destination. Happiness is a choice based on how you relate to your circumstances.”


I found interesting David’s response to an observation made by my husband of the message that he had retained from that morning’s yoga practice, that of the healing effect of positive thoughts.


“The Mind-Body-Spirit connection is an integral part of it [the healing process]. When you are fixated on only one you are off-balance. You cannot think your way into your heart, you cannot rationalize.”


I asked him about his motivation to go online with his teachings.


“My exposure on the internet is a vehicle to reach out to the students, to share my interpretation of yoga. Because we are in the modern age of technology, the medium of the internet gives access to a wide variety of teachings that require that the reader or student have discernment and discretion. They can find a hundred thousand yoga teachers through web searches and they can believe that yoga could stand for poses wearing a bikini on a beach and I want to bring more depth into that. Anyone can put anything they want on the internet. It is for the student to regard whether I am a real deal.”


“My purpose in life?” he repeated my question to which he immediately answered: “To inspire health and vitality. I use that purpose as a benchmark, as a gauge for every decision in my life.”


He described his daily life in modest terms adding that “physical yoga is part of routine, mantra yoga is part of life. The yoga of being a good person is more difficult than a five minute downward dog position.”


To the three things he was grateful for he answered by looking at his parents sitting across the table and asking: “Can the two of them count as one?”


His final answer was: “My parents, the family I was born into; the family I chose and the family that chooses me.” David then started off again at his guitar chords and singing with a beautiful voice:


“What would it be without love. Nothing ain’t worth nothing without love.”


Author: Daniela Pittman

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