To apologize and act consequently

Last night my inbox received an e-mail from the CEO of the airline that was responsible for the shameful and dastardly incident described in the previous blog entry. It was an apology letter addressed to the frequent flyers of the airline. The Spanish version of the letter was more subtle with the apology than the English version I just looked up and quote below.


“In addition to offering my profound apologies to the customer forcibly removed, as well as all the passengers aboard that particular flight, I also offer my sincere apology to you for not living up to the values you expect of us.”


A lot has been discussed about this incident over the media, social networks and press. A medical doctor, Dr. Dao was forcibly removed from the flight and hospitalized as a result of the injuries inflicted from the eviction process. Yesterday I heard about the settlement agreement between the airline and Dr. Dao in compensation for the damages suffered by the passenger. As part of the agreement, the details of this settlement will not been made public.


In spite of the private agreement between both parties, this terrible incident will become more relevant towards the treatment that future passengers of the airline will receive from now on.


Soon after the incident it surfaced that the CEO downplayed the whole incident by stating in a communication to his employees that Dr. Dao had behaved in a “disruptive and belligerent” manner so the airline had to “re-accommodate” him. Since then the CEO has rectified his posture and now publicly apologizes to all the passengers. The incident appears to have served as a turning point for the airline with respect to its service policies and promotes a series of measures that will benefit from now on all the passengers with the objective of recovering their trust towards the company and its employees.


"Dr. Dao has become the unintended champion for the adoption of changes which will certainly help improve the lives of literally millions of travellers," Dao's lawyer said in a statement.

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