About Daniela Pittman



Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Master of Liberal Arts (ALM) in Psychology. May 2010.

• Dean’s prize for outstanding ALM thesis. 

• Thesis: “The Association between Maternal Self-Report of Depression and the Risk of Preeclampsia, Outcome Data from 960 Participants in a Retrospective Case-Control Study.”

• Academic and professional distinction: Created a questionnaire entitled “Emotional Well Being” in order to screen pregnant women for mood disorders. It has been implemented since Spring 2010 at all Harvard Affiliated Hospitals.




The Happiness Seminar (@happseminar), Madrid, Spain.

Founder. September 2015 – Present

• “Happiness in the Workplace” Seminar imparted at Sandoz, Moody’s, “EL PAIS con tu futuro”...

• “Happiness Seminar for Teenagers”

• “Happiness Seminar for Families”


Instituto de Empresa University (IE University), Madrid and Segovia, Spain. Professor of Psychology. January 2012 – June 2017

• Top Five Professors Award, July 2015 and July 2017.

• “Leadership & Interpersonal Skill” course imparted to 4th Year students in dual degree Business Administration and Law.

• “IE OPEN HOUSE” and “IE Challenge” imparted to potential IE students.

• “Happiness in Yourself and in the Work Place” seminar imparted to business school students. A Pioneer program in Spain.

• “Positive Psychology” open door campus class imparted to prospective students and a successful example of IE University’s recruitment effort.

• “Abnormal Psychology” course imparted to 3rd Year students.

• “Introduction to Psychology” course imparted to 1st Year students.




Royal College of Midwives, London, UK. September 2016.

• Pittman Hernández DA. (2016) The association between maternal self-report of depression and the risk of pre-eclampsia: outcome from 960 participants in a retrospective case-control study. Evidence Based Midwifery 14(3): 76-81.


Ideas, IE University Magazine, Madrid, Spain. February 2017.

• “Happiness in the workplace, is that really possible?”




• EL PAIS “Esta es la edad madura en la que se vuelve a sentir la felicidad de la juventud.” February 2017.


• AS “El dinero no da la felicidad; salir dos veces a la semana con los amigos, sí.” February 2017.


• EL PAIS “Trucos indetectables para convencer a cualquier persona de cualquier cosa.” February 2016.


• The Luxonomist “La felicidad: nueva asignatura académica”. January 2016.


• TVE2 (Spanish State TV channel 2) December 2015


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